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The Durango Chamber Singers, part the 3rd Avenue Arts family of musical ensembles and events, is a mixed-voice choir of about 22 auditioned voices founded and directed by Elizabeth Crawford. In addition to performing solo programs, the Chamber Singers are featured in various 3rd Avenue Arts concerts and festivals. The ensemble offers its singers and local audiences exposure to unique and interesting choral works from diverse sources, performed at their highest standard in the beautiful setting of St. Mark’s Episcopal Church.  

Our Singers


Linda Mack Berven

Gemma Kavanagh

Mary Lange

Christine Richards

Erin Sinberg
Jill Waterman


Jeanie Child

Alison Dance

Lucy Johnson

Aurora Rose

Liza Tregillus

Nan Wagner



Tom Burris

Dennis Costello

Drew Currie

Marilyn Leftwich

Kyle Osborne


Kent Norgren

Tom Richards

KJ Troy
John Werner

Our Artistic Director:  Elizabeth Crawford,
Watch and listen:

December 17, 2021, "Majesty of Christmas"

Videos courtesy of Gordon Thomas

May, 2019

Video courtesy of Gordon Thomas

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